this is corruption.
Our Environment.
Our Economy.
Our Health.
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Medicine is unaffordable.
With drug prices rising 10% a year since the early 1990s, millions of Americans can't afford the medication they need. Rather than acting to make medication more affordable, Congress forbid drug imports from Canada, which would have saved Americans $38 billion a year.

The pharmaceutical industry has given over $100 million.
Care is unaffordable.
In 2008, Obama campaigned on the promise of a more affordable, publicly available option for health insurance. As Congress was considering reform, Obama made a back room deal with the private hosptial lobby that health care reform would not include a public option.

The hospital industry gave $4 million to Obama that year.
Our food is unsafe.
In the wake of a 2010 salmonella outbreak resulting in the recall of half a billion eggs, Congress overhauled the American food safety system. Strangely, the bill they passed excluded most eggs. (And, naturally, meat and poultry.)

Food processing interests have given $35M to Congress.
Medicine is unsafe.
In the 1990s, Congress reduced the number of clinical trials needed for new drugs to gain FDA approval to just one. Over half of new FDA reviewers think this is inadequate; 1 in 5 say they feel pressure to approve drugs despite safety concerns.

Big Pharma has over 1,000 lobbyists; nearly 2 for every member of Congress.
Our Freedom.
this is corruption.
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this is corruption.